Welcome to Posh Dog Grooming 

We understand your dog is a precious family member, so when you entrust their pet care needs to us we treat them like a member of our family whether its for boarding, day care or grooming. We have built our reputation on providing the gentlest, safest and kindest of pet care services.

During treatments cuddles are given in abundance, and we never rush a treatment thus ensuring every canine client has a positive and relaxing experience. 

Whether your dog needs a bath or a full groom you can be assured we will give your dog the full attention he or she deserves.

Dog Wash

Wash and Brush

Living in this beautiful area does mean our dogs get a bit whiffy at times so why not book your dog in for a regular or one off wash & brush session, your dog will be here for 1-2 hours enjoying a warm bath with conditioning shampoo, blow dry, full brush and ear clean. Your dog will come home witha  big smile on his or her face and smelling delicious.

This service is suitable for dogs with short to medium coats who are not matted and the price does vary slightly according to the size and hairiness  of your dog.

The Full Works

A complete service to designed to keep your dog and his or her coat in perfect condition includes the following.

  • Pre groom assessment.

  • Full brush out.

  • Warm bath with coat specific shampoo and conditioner.

  • Coat clipped and styled as per owners requirements.

  • Nail trim

  • Ears cleaned with a gentle solution to remove wax and dirt.

This service depending on the size of the dog may take 4-5 hours, it will always be an enjoyable and relaxing experience  for your dog.


As lovely as it is to have your dog snuggled up on the sofa with you, the layer of hair most breeds leave behind is not so lovely and this is where de-shedding helps immensely as well as helping your dog to keep cool and your floors cleaner.

Shedding is natural process which  can be managed.

This 3-4 hour treatment includes;

  • Warm bath with shampoo that helps release the already shedding coat.

  • Blaster blow dry to remove excess hair

  • Full undercoat de- shedding brush out.

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