Image by LaTerrian McIntosh

 In-House Services

Home dog boarding

After a day of walks and free running in our 3 acres of paddocks and woodland your dog can relax on either their own bed or one we provide.


Usually you will provide their food but we have ample supplies of beds and bowls.

We recommend you bring enough of your dogs usual food for the board but in the event of food not being supplied we will add a surcharge of £2 per day to feed your dog a good quality food and a treat at bedtime. You can choose this option if you wish rather than bring their own food.

Day care

We offer the perfect day for your dog, jam-packed with free-range fun in the fresh country air.

Whether you're working or away for the day, we'd love to look after your dog for you.

Your dog can run and play to their hearts content in 3 acres of securely fenced fields and woodland all under the watchful eye of loving and experienced dog carers. Your four-legged friend will have the company of other dogs for a day of outdoor social play.

This high quality of care means you can fully concentrate on your day, secure in the knowledge that your dog is in safe hands and is having a fun day out.

Day Care hours are from 8am - 6pm.

Please note this is only available weekdays and we do not do half days.

One to one service

We understand that not all dogs are happy to be in a pack situation and some would prefer a quieter more serene setting, for this type of dog we provide an extra special one to one service where your precious pet will be cared for all day and night by one of our family and will be kept separate from the rough and tumble of the larger more boisterous dogs.


This service is eminently suitable for some rescue dogs, small  "handbag" breeds or those who have never been apart from their owner and who enjoy constant human attention.

Older/Younger Guests

Both older and younger dogs have different needs and our home offers the perfect solution to this, neither require too much strenuous exercise and old dogs in particular benefit from being able to wander freely around the three acres we have here at the Farmhouse at their own pace, we are very experienced also with the exercise and health requirements of puppies and younger dogs